How To Renew Lets Encrypt SSL For WordPress

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As many of us know – SSL’s are not only a common piece item of good internet structure, but the process has been made so simple that there really isn’t an excuse anymore not to have one for your site.

The drawback – buzzwords and companies have made the SSL game a daunting task that many just pay a fee to have it handled for them.

While there is nothing wrong with this – being the penny pinches that we are – we utilize a free SSL option – LetsEncrypt.

Without going into it too much – this function is a way for the recipient to verify the host of the website ( ie: Micosoft owns ). For site owners – this is a way to prevent the Chrome and other browser’s ‘Red X’ for security.

This guide is focused on the renewal process for updating the SSL Certificate from your WordPress site and GoDaddy CPanel Hosting.

Ensure that you have the WPEncrypt wordpress plugin installed, activated and configured correctly. Getting the plugin configured at first can be an little challenging but generally, once it is up and running it is a kind of ‘set it and forget it’ component.

From within the WPEncrypt management dashboard confirm that the settings are accurate and intact. I have never had to change these settings but it is always good to make sure they do not change.

Below the fold is a button that allows you to generate a new certificate. The paths to the certificates are listed below.

From within your management panel, navigate to the path identified above. Generally under the public_html path – the cert.pem and private.pem shoudl be in this location

Open the .pem file and copy the data inside.
From within the SSL/TLS cPanel, select your domain and then manage your SSL Certificate

Verifying the specific paths that the SSL is associated with and select update certificate.

Copy and paste the full contents of the .pem file and continue.

Select ‘Install Certificate’ to apply SSL to Domain.

Verify all information is accurate and select ok.

While this task may be daunting at first – after you get the hang of it the whole process can be completed in about 5 minutes. My first go around took almost 30.

If you hit a roadblock or have any questions – message us at and we will do our best to help!

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