How To Setup Microsoft Desktop Live Wallpaper

Reading Time: 2 minutes

I am sure there are a number of ‘cool’ things that have been added to Windows 10 over the past 5 years – but – there are times when something ‘very cool’ comes around that no one talks about.

Today – we are talking about that ‘very cool’ thing, what it is and how to get it installed on your machine.

What we are talking about is the Microsoft Desktop Live Wallpaper application. This app is free and can be downloaded from the link above or by searching the Microsoft Store for the program.

This software will play a movie, video or other similar file types as your background image.

Once you are on the page or have the program displayed – select ‘get’ and let the installer run.

After it has completed installing, check your system tray for the purple Desktop Live Wallpapers icon.

Select ‘Open Launcher’. From this screen you will initially be shown a blank white screen.

Third option across the top – Help & About – select and you will be presented with the below image. Under the text ‘Download Live Wallpapers’ there will be a listing of approved sites from which to download the Live Wallpapers.

The site I have used the most is They not only are on the approved URL list, they have a pretty large selection of backgrounds.

Once you have your backgrounds downloaded, unzipped and placed in a folder – open Desktop Live Wallpaper again and view your backgrounds.

Select the image you wish to display and – boom – your background is now Live Desktop.

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