How to Find Event ID in Google Calendar

How To Get Event ID From Google Calendar

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Occasionally developers or power users will have the need to update some operations associated with their Google Calendar events. You may be wondering how to find the Event ID associated with your Google Calendar.

Worry no more – follow the below steps on how to extract your Event ID from your Google Calendar Events.

  1. Click the specific event in your Google Calendar
  2. It will take you to a page with a URL similar to:
  3. Look for ‘eid’ in the URL
  4. Copy string between eid- and the next –
    ( ex KMa8B3nakNFryKmMKAozhjKBramHaykslaM2m1NA973MSg3maZkamRNhtakjNpymanqW3mNA1m )
  5. Decode from Base64 using tool such as
  6. Output will be two strings. First string will be your Google Calendar Event ID

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