Your Digital Mind - Windows Error Event ID 4 Kernel Event-Tracing

Windows Error – Event ID 4 – Kernel-EventTracing

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Windows Error – Event ID 4 – Kernel-EventTracing

When it comes to Event Log errors – sometimes the easiest to correct are the ones we overlook the most. The Kernel-EventTracing Event ID 4 error is nothing more than an alert to let us know to either archive the log or increase the size.

How Do It Fix it?

Note: Making changes to the registry can cause serious issues if done incorrectly. Please backup your registry before making any changes.

Go to:


The MaxFileSize key is a DWORD with a default decimal value of 20. Increase this to to 60 and the error will no longer display.

If you would like to make these changes via the Performance Monitor instead of the registry please follow the below instructions.

1. Open Administrative Tools
2. Select Performance Monitor
3. Under Management Console sub-folder “Data Collector Sets” select “Startup Event Trace Sessions”
4. Open “ReadyBoot”
5. Select “Stop Condition”
6. Increase “Maximum Size” as needed
7. Press OK and exit

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