Microsoft Teams And Internet Explorer 11 Stop Working Today

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Microsoft Teams Will Stop Working on Internet Explorer 11, 11/30/2020. Microsoft 365 Apps Support Will End August 2021

You read that correctly – someone out there is still using Internet Explorer 11 and today, November 30th 2020 – is the day. The original announcement was made August 17th of 2020 and details the roadmap of how Microsoft plans to discontinue the integration of 365 and IE 11.

Users will have a degraded experience or will no longer be able to access certain features.

While this is obviously an attempt to direct people to use the new Microsoft Edge Browser – the reasons are numerous. Newer code, more secure functions and a more feature rich environment with Microsoft reporting this will enable “better, more innovative online experiences.”

Believe them or not – the fact of the matter is that the Internet Explorer 11 browser that some… a few people at least.. use will no longer get support with their Teams instance.

Microsoft Teams is the first of the Office 365 suite to drop support of the browser. The reason this is so important is that with COVID-19 and the life changes many of us have had to adjust to living with a pandemic, Microsoft Teams has become quite a popular alternative for Video and Communication capabilities.

Microsoft Edge is being toted as the end all answer to Microsoft Teams with the browser boasting “faster and more responsive web access to greater sets of features in everyday toolsets like Outlook, Teams, SharePoint, and more”.

What Can We Expect Moving Forward?

Microsoft has been very vocal regarding their timelines and as of yet – they are maintaining them.

March 9th of next year, the older Microsoft Edge ‘Legacy’ version will end support. While this browser is only about 2 years old, the newer version of Edge has been completely overhauled and uses the core Chromium open source engine. Yes – similar to Chrome.

Windows 10 versions 20H2 and beyond will have the new Chromium version of Microsoft Edge pre-installed.

The biggest take away is that IE 11 and ‘Old Edge’ will no longer be getting security updates.

Finally – after August 2021 all Microsoft 365 apps will discontinue IE 11 and will be ‘recommended’ to use Microsoft Edge to continue using the products.

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