IBM Planning To Cut 10,000 European Jobs

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IBM Cutting jobs with Germany and UK absorbing most of the losses.

In attempts to bump the last quarter of 2020 by $2.3 Billion, IBM will be cutting 10,000 jobs – just before liquidating most of its legacy IT service businesses in the area as reported by Bloomberg.

Many of these jobs manage daily support functions for client data centers and the process of installing, running and maintaining these centers.

IBM reported back in October of 2020 on an earnings call that it would be selling off the division in favor of investing in its hybrid cloud computing and artificial intelligence units. This shift came at the tune of roughly $2.3 Billion.

A union officer confirmed that the cuts were disclosed during a November meeting with European Labor Representatives.

While IBM has not responded to Your Digital Mind for comment, an IBM spokeswoman stated the decisions are made “to provide the best support to our customers in adopting an open hybrid cloud platform and AI capabilities,” adding that the company will “continue to make significant investments in training and skills development for IBMers to best meet the needs of our customers.”

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